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Studio APA is an italian studio of architects based in Prague
and operating throughout the Czech Republic and Europe.

Founded by Andrea Palazzo, an Italian architect now living in Prague for many years, the studio has extensive experience in reconstruction of historic buildings and design of new constructions, such as residential buildings, apartments, villas and stores.
Thanks to years of experience in Italy and the Czech Republic, the firm’s specialists know how to direct clients to the solutions best suited to their needs, whether these are cost and time restrictions or respecting environmental and urban planning constraints.

In recent years, the studio has been approaching the project planning of house constructions made with 3D printers. It is able to design and solve the structural part through the use of pratical solutions.

The goal of our work is to fully meet the expectations and ideas of our clients by making products that are both aesthetically attractive but also functional, in order to meet the living or working needs of our clients.


Studio APA Team

Studio APA Team


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