The well-known magazine specialised in concrete construction, BETON, published an article of mine in which it emerges that we cannot be afraid of technological innovations, and that we should make better use of the 3D technology available to us in the field of construction.
The article is titled PROC NE! (Why Not!) and points out that from the various prototypes we are familiar with, today this technology boasts marvellous examples of architecture built with regular building permits.
With the very high costs of building materials, timeframes that are never met, and the production of waste that is expensive and difficult to dispose of, this technology helps us to overcome and improve all these shortcomings.
Moreover, it gives us the possibility of creating much more interesting and ambitious architectural forms, and the possibility of bringing new generations (in this case also women) into the construction sector, who are much more attracted to digital work than manual work, as physical effort is no longer necessary.

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